Democratic States of Antarctica
Flag of the Democratic States


Anthem: "God Save Westarctica"
Status Active
Location Antarctica.svg
Date of foundation April 28, 2013
Leadership President Alan Villarruel
Language English
Purported currency Antarctican Dollar
Capital Sallen
Demonym Antarctican, Antarctic

The Democratic States of Antarctica is a micronation, created by Alan Villarruel, which claims the Antarctic continent. the Democratic States was founded as a colony of Petoria (another micronation founded by Villarruel), and later became a micronation.

The Democratic States is a federation of 6 states, and 1 federal district, the Democratic States has a estimated population of 60-100, and it is the largest micronation by area.

The Democratic States is one of the 2 micronations with Villarruel as the head of the state, the other one being Petoria, the Democratic States is the 2nd smallest country in the world, following Russia.


The Democratic States claims the Antarctic continent, and its divided into 6 states & 1 federal district, The Democratic States is administered by the Antarctic Treaty, and partially Administered by the Democratic States of Antarctica.



Before Petorian contact, Antarctica was un-inhabited, with Sciensts, Researchers, Geographers, Experts, and other staff visiting the continent, Animals such as Penguins, Sea lions, and other animals also lived on the continent.

Petorian colonizationEdit

In April 2013, Alan Villarruel (President of Petoria) ordered a colonization on the coastal region of Antarctica, and Villarruel decided to establish a colony named New Petoria, on the Antarctic coastal region.


The colony grew from 30 to 100 people, and a group of seccesionsts named Free-Antarctica-100, was a secessionst group to have the colony secede from Petoria, and Villarruel approved the idea, and the Democratic States Treaty was made, which established the Democratic States of Antarctica, the colony of New Petroia was dissloved, Villarruel became President of the Democratic States of Antarctica.