Type: Broadcast television
Country: Democratic States of Antarctica
Headquarters: Sallen, District of Villarruel
CEO: Alan Villarruel
Website N/A

ATV is the main television channel in the Democratic States, with over 25 views, ATV stands for Antarctican Television Company.

ATV is headquarted in Downtown Sallen, Alan Villarruel is the CEO of ATV Networks.

ATV Networks Edit

There are several diginets that are broadcast on ATV channels, mostly containg network programming from the United States.

Logo Network Channel Programming type
ATV 1 Original programming
ATV 2 2 Network, syndicated
ATV 3 3 Network, syndicated
ATV 4 4 Network, syndicated
ATV 5 5 Network, syndicated
ATV News 6 24-hour news (similar to CNN)
ATV Sports 7 Sports (similar to ESPN)
ATV Scene 9 Music (similar to VH1, MTV)
Local 8,10,12 Independent, locally-run